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Welcome to Branching Out Tree Services! 

Have a look at some of our offered services below

TREE Removal

Removal of any type of tree, using the proper techniques and methods to get the job done safely and efficiently.


We offer a variety of pruning procedures, including: Deadwooding, elevating, crown thinning, reduction pruning, or just removing any unwanted branches.

Bracing and Cabling

If your tree has a split, is in dire need of extra help and you want to try and save it, contact us and we can install proper cabling and bracing devices to give your tree extra support.

STUMP Removal

Access to stump grinding machinery to make your stump disappear!

Arborist Reports

If you live in the city and require an arborist report or need to remove an unwanted tree, please contact us and talk to an I.S.A. certified professional arborist to look at your tree and write your report.

Tree Health Assessment

If your tree is unhealthy, compromised, weak at the base, decaying, or at risk of any kind and in need of an evaluation, contact us!


Please call us now and schedule your FREE ESTIMATE!


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